Gravediggaz - " 6 Feet Deep" & " The Pick, the Axe and the Shovel" (Gee Street/Island)   
Jungle Brothers - "Raw Deluxe" (Gee Street/V2)    
Chris Rock - "Roll With the New" (Dreamworks)    
Vernon Reid - "Mistaken Identity" (550/Epic)    
Ultrmagnetic MC's - "Funk Your Head Up" (Mercury)    
Stereo MC's - "Supernatural" (4th & Broadway/Island)    
Salif Keita -  "Papa" (Metro Blue/ Capitol)    
Dirty Dozen Brass Band -  "Buck Jump" (Mammoth Rec.)    
Deadly Snakes - Deadly Snakes e.p., 1999 (Tommy Boy)    
PM Dawn - "Of the Heart, Of the Soul and of the Cross: The Utopian Experience"    
Zimbabwe Legit - "Zimbabwe Legit" (Hollywood Basic)    
Einsturzende Nuebauten - "Ende Nue" (Jon Spencer Remix)" (Mute)    
Michael Blake - "The Kingdom of Champa" (Intuition)    
tomandandy - "Killing Zoe "-  film score    
Bjork - Untitled (RZA mix , 1997 )    
Lifer's Group - "Real Deal" & "One Life to Live" (Hollywood Basic)    
Brand New Heavies -" Heavy Rhyme Experience" (Delicious Vinyl)    
Biz Markie, Chubb Rock & Prince Paul - "America is Dying Slowly" (EastWest)     
Queen - "Another One Bites the Dust (Phase 5 Remix)" (Hollywood)    
Boogie Down Productions - "Sex  and Violence" (Jive)    
Black Sheep - "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" (Mercury)    
Tim Dog - "Penicillin on Wax" (Ruffhouse/Columbia)    
Brian McKnight - "Goodbye My Love" N.O. JOE remix (Mercury)    
Too Short - "In the Trunk"  DJ Premier remix (Jive)    
Cypress Hill - "Latin Lingo (Prince Paul mix) " (Ruffhouse/Columbia)    
De La Soul - "De La Soul is Dead" (Tommy Boy)    
Lisa Stansfield - "All Around the World (45 King Remix)"  (Arista)    
Handsome Boy Modeling School - "So... How's Your Girl ?"  (Tommy Boy)    
Latyrix – first album    
Space Monkeys - new release  (Factory, 1999)    
Chris Rock - "Bigger and Blacker"  (Dreamworks)    
Steven Bernstein -  "Diaspora Soul" (Tzadik)    
J Live - "Waxpaper" (Payday/London),    
The Last Emperor - "Music, Magic, Myth" (Red Planet Music/Raptivism)    
Pimpadelic - "Southern Devils" (Tommy Boy)    
Headdrillaz - "Like Nobody Else" Jon Spencer remix (Meanwhile/Virgin)     
Club D'Elf - "Now I Understand (Accurate Records)    
Hal Crook -  "Um" (Rope-A-Dope)    
Stephen Chopek & Chris Lovejoy - " Brain Trust " (Perhaps Transparent)    
Teo Macero – “The Best of Teo Macero”, “Impressions of Miles Miles Davis”, “Impressions of Duke Ellington”, “Pop Jazz – Volume 1” (Teo Records)    
Michael Blake – “Elevated” (Knitting Factory)    
Nacao Zumbi – “Nacao Zumbi” (Trama), Brazil    
The Dears – “Summer of Protest  EP” (Universal)    
Arto Lindsay – “Salt” (Righteous Babe)    
Matthew Barney/Arto Lindsay – “Da Lama Lamina” 5.1 multimedia film project, DVD and CD    
Campbell Brothers – “Can You Feel It” (ropeadope)    
Vijay Iyer Quartet – “Reimagining” (Savoy Jazz)    
Chris Rock  – “Never Scared” (Universal)    
Retada – “Beautiful Day” (Tadanoshin)    
GroundTruther - (Charlie Hunter/Bobby Previtte) – “Longitude” (Thirsty Ear)    
Brisa Roche’ – “The Chase” (Blue Note/Capitol)    
Antibalas –  “Sare Kon Kon”, “Money Talks” new EP    
Little Barrie - "Stand Your Ground" (PIAS/wall of sound)    
Cordel do Fogo Encantado - "Transfiguaçåo" (Rec Beat)    
The Dears - "Gang of Losers" (Maple/V2)    
Medeski, Scofield, Martin and Wood -"Out Louder" (indirecto)    
Black Sheep -" 8wm / Novakane" (Bumrush)    
Luz Mob - "Luz Interpretations" (Crystal Top Music)    
Maquinado - " " (Trama), Brazil    
Baby Elephant (Prince Paul, Bernie Worrell) - "Turn My Teeth Up" (Godforsaken Music)    
Bobby Previte - "Big Guns" - (Anuand Records)    
Teo Macero and the Inner World Band -  "Study in Contrast"  (Teo Productions/NYU)    
Vijay Iyer Trio - "Historicity" (ACT)    
Phenomenal Handclap Band - "Phenomenal Handclap Band" (Friendly Fire/Tummy Touch)    
Tirtha - Vijay Iyer, Prasanna & Nitin Mitta - "Tirtha" (ACT)    
Heavy Trash - "Midnight Soul Serenade" (Bronzerat)    
Bobby Previte - "The Pan Atlantic Band" (Anuand Records)    
Vijay Iyer Trio - Accelerando (ACT)    
Bing Ji Ling – "Shadow To Shine" (Tummy Touch)    
Miri - "Okkar" (Kimi Records)    
DJ Preservation - "Old Numbers" (MonDieu Music)    
incarNations - "With All Due Respect" (Lovemonk)    
Sunny Jain - "Taboo" (Sapana Music)    
Good Luck Mountain - Good Luck Mountain (2:59 Records)    
Bored to Death - Steve Ulrich score, 2nd Season (HBO)    
Sombra - Fantástico Mundo Popular (Matilha Cutural)    
Lurdez da Luz - Lurdez da Luz (Tratore)    
Spectre - "The True and Living" (Wordsound)    
Hurtmold - Mils Crianças (Submarine Records)    
Emily Wells -  Mama (Partisan Records)    
Wicked Knee - Wicked Knee (Amulet)    
DJ Preservation - SePtember 1200 (Mon Dieu Music)    
The Master Musicians of Jajouka - The Road to Jajouka (Howe Records)    
Stan Douglas - Luanda-Kinshasa (Multi-media film/installation featuring Jason Moran, Liberty Ellman, Kimberley Thompson, Jason Lindner, Antoine Rooney) David Zwirner Gallery, NY    
Zulumbi - Zulumbi (Radar Records)    
Medeski Scofield Martin Wood - Juice (Indirecto Records)    
DJ Preservation/Ka - 1200 B.C. (Mon Dieu Music)    
Big Lazy - Don't Cross Myrtle (Tasankee)    
Days with Dr. Yen Lo - Ka/DJ Preservation (Mon Dieu Music)    
Michael Arenella - Just in Time (Dreamland Orch)    
Alicia Hall Moran - Heavy Blue  (Yes Records)    
Ka - "Delaney Card" - Rubble Kings Soundtrack (Mass Appeal)     
HAG - Fear of Man (dnawot Records)    
Ka - Superfly (Iron Works Records)    
Brookzill - "Throwback to the Future" (Tommy Boy Records)    
Materia Prima - 2 Atos (Brasil)    
Arjun - Gravity (arjunmusic)    
Jess Best - Kid Again (Jess Best Music)    
Women's March on Washington - Various artists (Madonna, Alicia Keys, Toshi Reagan, Maxwell) (womensmarch.com)
SuperBlack - White Privilege (Mass Appeal)    
Jess Best - Saturday (Jess Best Music) 

The Wood Brothers - “One Drop of Truth” (Hello)  
John Medeski - “Mad Skillet” (Indirecto)  
Tulipa Ruiz - “Tu” (Tulipa Ruiz)  
Elza Soares - “Deus Há De Ser” (Deck Disc)  

Gui Amabis - “Miopia” (Tratore)